Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey everyone!
I know the last time I updated this thing was when the doctors wouldn't let MJ come home. Well, obviously that is no longer that case and she is home and happy and more than healthy, she's perfect.

Connor is now over a year old and walks, runs, everywhere and talks sometimes in full sentences but usually small phrases like "i want that" or
'juice please" and my favorite "I POOPED". cant wait for potty training! oh yeah and he's already got a FULL Set of teeth. there's nothing he wont eat and just like his mommy and daddy, he loves cheese.

Marshall and I are great, we are moving into a townhouse this coming
Monday!! We re ecstatic.

We had some more recent pics done for easter of the kids:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 steps forward...1 step back

Mikayla was supposed to come home today, but of course, that didn't happen. The doctor that is taking care of her is overwhelmed (or so it seems) by the 20 babies that are in the special nursery; including Mikayla so instead of reading all of the notes left by the nurses that took care of her yesterday he only read part of them and decided based on partial information not to discharge her. He passed the message through a nurse which meant I recieved very hurried and limited information so for now I don't know when our little girl is coming home. We're very frustrated because she's been in the special care nursery for over a month now and we've been getting good reports, but for some reason she has to stay?! It doesnt make sense to me. Honestly I feel like the Dr didnt want to waste time on a discharge today because there are so many new infants in the nursery and he's too busy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Connor loves apples! He took that apple away from his daddy and eats it like a big boy!

These are some new pictures of Miss MJ~

Got Milk?

Connor is learning to brush his teeth!

Who doesnt love to bang on pots and pans!

Already driving Grammy's car!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well. We are great, but we are still anticipating Mikayla's discharge from the hospital. She is now over 4lbs and doing well eating without a feeding tube! YAY! Hopefully she will be home by Halloween, or in time for Connor's first birthday (November 2nd)
Connor is getting more and more brave everyday and is getting into everything! Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to keep up with both of our babies. He is figuring out the whole walking thing and LOVES cabinet doors, drawers, and pretty much anything he's not supposed to play with. Time for Mommy and Daddy to child-proof the house!
When Grandpa and Neesey came to visit a few weeks ago, Connor and Mikayla got their first jack-o-lanterns made specially for them by Grandpa! Connor especially likes to play with them because they roll!

We are getting more and more excited to dress them up for Halloween, Mikayla will be a kitty (walmart had a onesie that was too cute with a cat face on it) but we havent found a costume for Connor yet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

Its been a while since Marshall and I have had the time to update our blog, but sorry for the delay....

Mikayla is doing well, but is still in the Special Care Unit for a few more weeks....she's small so she has to gain some weight and jump a few more hurdles before we can take her home. But the doctors and nurses have been great and they are really happy with her progress. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Connor will be celebrating his first birthday on November 2nd!! We're so excited to have his birthday'll be a Mickey Mouse birthday!
(we'll update everyone with those details as they become available)

And I promise I'll get some more pictures on here as soon as I get a few more minutes...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Day at a Time

Today was another interesting day for us, the morning started with an 8am surgery...nothing serious, just a routine tube tying...thats right folks, Mikayla Jayne's birth was our final visit to the delivery room. It all went well, but I feel like they buried gravel in my belly button.

Marshall stayed in the nursery with Mikayla, while i was under the knife, spending a little daddy/daughter one on one time together. She's already got him wrapped around her tiny little fingers, it's so sweet. Her nurse told me that she could tell that Mikayla's already very attached to her daddy because, when he came in she was "having a cow," Marshall said three words and she settled right down like magic.

We got to hold her for the first time today and that was the best feeling in the world. She's so small that she felt weightless in our arms. She has progressed impressively in the few hours that she's been in the NICU and has had an IV removed, been taken off of the CPAP (the big blue tube in the picture), and has been moved into an isolette which is great! She will hopefully be learning how to eat without a tube by tomorrow!